Doubt and worry are psychic diseases. More like intellectual exercises that use intellectual factors to build a negative idea. People tend to internalize these two terms and end up emotionalising them( doubt and worry) to fear. This fear, as an emotional state, then leads to anxiety, of which then gets suppressed and turned into depression. […]


Level up or to floss?

Everybody nowadays wants to level up and “do more to glow more” of the themselves. The question is : do they really wanna level up or to just floss around showing off their expensive purchases. For levelling up is all about living your reviewed values, standards, principles and the mantras that gets you going and […]

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Change the way you think

Dwelling much on your thoughts about a situation that unpleased you and allowing them to take control of your life is sure a great way to make yourself unhappy. Don’t let that 5 minutes of a bad moment turn into a bad lifetime moment. So avoid sprinkling the bitchy dust on yourself and the people […]

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Cultivating a Healthy Mindset

Originally posted on Niki Meadows:
It takes time to change your mindset. If you have a long habit of cultivating negative thoughts or seeing what you can complain about, it’s not like flipping a switch. There are numerous opportunities to practice cultivating a healthy mindset. It really comes down to the everyday things. It takes…

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Grow through

Time when I felt lonely in that little corner of a darkest place was never nice or easy. It created possible implementation of thoughts that could have destroyed me if I was not careful with how I handled them. I must say, that I thought it was a moment of weakness. This is because I […]

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Self Worth

SELF WORTH… Feeling good about myself and knowing that I deserve to be treated with respect.   Well,after being confused and lost in thoughts about living my life feeling unworthy, invisible and being insignificant to the world, dressing myself in full confidence and refusing to wear other people’s insecurities is what I mentality developed.  It […]

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Feed your brains

We all have gifted brains.They just need to be fed in order for us to learn something new. “Why is that?”                                                                     […]

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