Grow through

Time when I felt lonely in that little corner of a darkest place was never nice or easy. It created possible implementation of thoughts that could have destroyed me if I was not careful with how I handled them. I must say, that I thought it was a moment of weakness. This is because I felt like I was buried when in actual fact I was being planted. Yes planted! – to grow through what I was going through.

It was sort of like a testing phase to see if my epiphany game was as strong as an oak tree. I had to come to reality and start thinking straight, positively and in anyhow shut out any negative thoughts from my mind after that great realisation about my life. Planning it through, seeking motivation to keep me alive and awake so that I emerge through the unhealthy soil I felt buried in and start bettering my life the way I should.

If there is anything I have learnt about all of this is that something will grow from what I go through, and it will be me. So whatever obstacle, a life hump or any bad experiences you are facing, try to be wise enough to know when your brains allowing you to make rational decisions and choices so as to be able to grow through whatever that is you’re facing in life.


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