Level up or to floss?

Everybody nowadays wants to level up and “do more to glow more” of the themselves. The question is : do they really wanna level up or to just floss around showing off their expensive purchases. For levelling up is all about living your reviewed values, standards, principles and the mantras that gets you going and growing. Redefining your truest identity to live a life of substance with purpose and value, not forgetting to toughen up during the worsts and all the life storms and humps it could bring. That’s you upping  your game to level up like you should. The trick is to enjoy life. focusing more on the present and not pushing away your days with hope of awaiting better ones ahead.  Flossing your snobby ass to impress others is not levelling up. Why? because its based on what others think of you and how you are trying to keep then on the loop about the things you have, more like showing off , and that’s not what levelling up is all about. People tend to confuse the two.


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